The 12KW System comes with custom built racks with up to 40 inputs, 16 outputs (6 monitors provided), 2x handheld radio mics, 4x wired sm58 vocal mics, 2x sm57 instrument mics, full drum kit mic set, all mic stands for the stage, DI boxs across the stage, a stage manager to work with the artists during line check and setup and a front of house audio engineer. This system can be tuned to work with 100 - 5,000 people. With incredible sub bass and clear highs this system from Logic Systems (RCF and Faital drivers) , powered by QSC amps has pleased audiences and clients across the UK. This system is digital and a fantastic way to impress your audience with slick band changeovers, and control via computer, desk and even ipad.


Add a superb monitoring setup of four matched monitors for across the front of the stage and a drum fill at the back. More monitors are available on request.

BACKLINE (add on)


4x12 Sub Zero Guitar cab

(+ 100W head provided)


4x10 Red Sub Bass cab

(+ 100W head provided)


5 piece Pearl Roadster drum kit

(Hithat stand + 1 cymbal stand provided) No cymbals provided or stool.

Add our Backline set to help make your event run even smoother with less setup time for the acts and less moving of equipment.

Smaller Sound systems

For smaller systems from 500W-4KW please contact us to discuss your needs.