We are asked about charitable donations, free services and charitable prices on a daily basis and so we have put tother this page to respond to this Frequently Asked Question.

We operate a caring, supportive service born out of the love for what we do and also the love of working and helping people. However IG Stage Hire only exists if it can make money and operate as a business. We are a law abiding, business whom operate all events/services through 'the books' as VAT is a lawful requirement if VAT registered. After all we have to pay our warehouse rent, pay our staff, bills, insurance, VAT, vehicles, corporation taxes and this is all before considering the many thousands we've spent on equipment. This being said, our pricing is honest and reflects the value of the service provided.

IG Stage Hire therefore cannot offer free services. Nor can we change prices because an event quotes 'charity' as we are providing a service and a business rather than a charity.

Many of our events are in fact charity events and these function because they have sought sponsorship from either larger corporations (paid for advertisement) or from local government schemes or other similar methods such as lottery grants.

However, to support events IG Stage Hire may choose at their own discretion to offer repeat booking deals and or to choose to support a few selected events we are connected to but this would strictly be up to us and not something born from a client led request.

IG Stage Hire has a vision that one day in the future when the business has reached a certain level it will be able to give back to selected causes in the form of a ground breaking initiatives, and sustainable projects similar to that of Innocent Drinks or entrepreneurs like Bill Gates.

Thank you for respecting our business and our vision.