Monitor World & Front of House

For events where iG Stage Hire is providing the full sound and lighting production setup the control areas are split into Stage Side 'Monitor World' (including Lighting dimmers and Power) and 'Front of House' (Sound and Lighting control).

Stage Side 'Monitor World' (including Lighting Dimmers and Power)

A technician works from this location during the show to keep watch over all power, lighting dimmers, lighting inputs, amplifiers (for both main PA and monitor speakers), audio inputs (including microphones) and audio outputs.

One of the key roles of this tech station (known as 'Monitor World') is to have a member of iG Stage Hire staff side of stage to ensure the artists have perfect sound through their monitor speakers during their performance.

This member of staff has live audio/video comms with 'Front of House' to liaise during the show.

'Front of House' (Sound and Lighting control)

A technician works from this location during the show to control the audio coming from the main sound system to the audience. This station is also responsible for designing and controlling the live lighting show including LED Pixel video designs and also fog effects.

The live audio/video comms to 'Monitor World' has a number of uses but ensures that any technical requirements can be discussed including performance start and finish times, and of course any technical issues that need to be rectified on stage.

To power and connect 'Front of House' to ''Monitor World' a long length of cable ramps are run to protect cables. These cables consist of a power run and all controls over ethernet. We operate 35m as the maximum distance for our show from the stage.

The position of 'Front of House' needs to be as central as possible to ensure a good view of the lighting that's being controlled and also to hear the sound that's being worked on.

Raised staging with hand rails and tented cover for outdoor events.