STage Organiser

Stage Organiser example:

Please note that for all live music or events involving a running list of performers clients are subject to contract to complete this very form- although riders/tech spec may come in various guises we must receive our own, this very Stage Organiser form for each day of the live event. We have worked along events organisers and acts to provide this very simple overview style sheet to help anyone access this type of document. It helps everyone involved be organised, understand the timings and the changeovers involved between acts and what their setup requires. Items will only be agreed if pre-filled in and received by IG Stage Hire no later than a week before the show, and of course if possible to be full-filled.

Downloadable Stage Organiser template:

Stage Organiser template (Excel).xlsx

Please email your completed form(s) to

Remember to flip the form round to landscape when importing on your computer as it imports as portrait. If wanting to fit each day onto its own full page feel free to adjust font sizes and delete any unrequired rows.