iG Stage Hire Standard Terms and Conditions

for all services by

IG Stage Hire Ltd

Booking and Payment

A completely paid 50% non refundable and non-transferable deposit books and reserves the service. Should this 50% deposit be broken into smaller parts, and further later dates for other part deposits be agreed in writing in the invoice and these are not met the client will lose their initial payment and their booking date/the services. IG Stage hire is not responsible to provide reminders for the 3 month point for part deposit payments.

Note that any bookings less than £500 in value or if the event date is very soon iG Stage Hire may choose to invoice the full amount rather than to split it into deposits and remaining balances. This does not affect the terms and conditions as it will be agreed through payment via the client.

50% remaining to be paid no later than 7 calendar days before the event for the services to take place. Should this not be met the services may not take place and the client may lose their deposit payment. Payment between the 7 day point and the event date may result in IG Stage Hire refunding the additional amount and the event services not taking place. No events will ever take place before payment. 7 days before the event is the very last payment date for the services to proceed. All payments, whether in part of full are strictly non-refundable.


During the pandemic we introduced a Covid policy which was not lawfully required by the Government but was out of respect to our clients. This policy enables the date move of an event should (only) Covid restrictions) as set out by the Government affect the originally booked date. This ceased to be a policy for us after summer 2022 due to the restrictions being lifted. However, should any new Government restrictions come into place we will honour this policy again if it directly affects a show in proceeding. Note that the new date/s will need to be agreed between the client and iG Stage Hire as it we will need to be available also. If we are not, this does not affect the policy or any refund. For the event services to be transferred to a new date the new arrangement has to be understood to be a mutual plan.

The Services and Insurance

IG Stage Hire bring, setup and run their own equipment as part of their service. IG Stage Hire do not ‘dry hire’ on a common basis with the exception of stage floor hires, festival stage hires, and lighting and sound hires, all where the responsibility for damage or loss is handed over to the client. Signature* of this contract in such a ‘dry hire’ scenario stipulates that the client is accepting this responsibility and will reimburse IG Stage Hire for any such damage or loss to the full value of the items. Should a third party cause this loss or damage (e.g. a performer or audience member) the event organiser/client is liable for recovery of costs.

IG Stage hire have their own insurance cover but this will only be applied to damage or loss of items when IG Stage Hire are running an event and no ‘dry hire’ has occurred for an event. Inspire Generation Ltd have Public Liability Insurance to the sum of £5 million and have their own employer’s liability cover for their own sub contracted staff.

Payment acts as signature and agreement of our standard terms and conditions as set out in this document. Thus, as stipulated on the invoice, payment of the fee acts as signature and acceptance of the liability to recoup any loss or damage occurring from negligence or other cause whether third party or direct activity, accident or theft or other.

The Event Organiser (Client), Performers and Marketing

Every IG Stage Hire booking has an key contact whom for all legal purposes acts as ‘The event organiser’. They are fully responsible for arranging the day/times and for booking and liaising with performers. Before an event the event organiser is contractually required to complete the ‘Stage Organiser’ document which includes timings, performer information and more. Failure to do this will prevent the services from taking place. We require this document no later than 7 days before the event otherwise we may not be able to agree to or fulfil requirements.

IG Stage Hire’s role begins from arrival on site where they will complete the service that has been booked. It is every client’s responsibility to have their own PLI cover for their booking and or event regardless of whether it is for a private or public scenario. We will not be contacting, contactable or countable for any of the artists. Artists must only contact through the event organiser person.

IG Stage Hire, as a self-promoting business, hold the right to advertise themselves through and at any booking or event they have been booked for. This is at IG Stage Hire’s discretion, and may take the form of business cards, sales pitches and for larger music events including trailer stage events we will display our large banners. Failure to permit these marketing methods or should a client remove them may result in termination of the services and or a fine for potential loss of custom.

Power Requirements

Prior to bookings that require certain power the event organiser is fully responsible for ensuring that the power on site is sufficient for the services. This can take the form of a 40KVA Generator or larger, as we must be provided with three separate 32amp blue single phase supplies or a 5 pin red 32 amp three phase socket. Non festival events and smaller events -If the event only requires a lower energy draw then we can make use of a couple of 13amp supplies. IG Stage Hire do not supply power and are not responsible for the safety, switching on/off or reliability of this supply. The event organiser or who has booked the services needs to ensure the supply meets our requirements, that it is safe (e.g. has an earth) and that they can run it. Under no circumstance will IG Stage Hire be responsible to make power work or turn on a generator or to make it safe. This is the responsibly of an independent electrician and or generator company or venue who’s supply it is.

Weather, Safety and Access

IG Stage Hire and it’s sub-contracted staff are not advised to work in weather conditions that are unsafe and or may cause harm to health. This is under the guidance of the managing director and steps will be taken on any event or booking to find ways to make the services possible in different weather conditions, but if deemed too unsafe or bad for health then progress will be halted until safe to proceed. This will not affect the payment of the booking as it will be within the 7 day window. Should the event’s weather be deemed too unsafe and or the event is cancelled then this unlikely circumstance is the only time where IG Stage Hire may offer the remaining 50% (not including the deposit) to be offered towards a transferred event date. On the original date though IG Stage Hire will do their best to support the client and do what they can weather depending.

IG Stage Hire will require access for a large van and or smaller vehicles to get to any venue they are doing services. For the mobile trailer stage there and or any van there must be headroom access of 3.8m clearance minimum. This will be for unloading and loading and also for safety of the vehicles as they are required to be kept close by. IG Stage Hire must keep their vehicles close to where they are working throughout the event and will not be expected to move vehicles elsewhere. Normally we will place vehicles (outdoor stage events) behind the stage, out of view but still close for access to supplies and if using them for commodities and or sleeping. IG Stage Hire vehicles also rents from a hire firm for larger services. Should any damage occur to these vehicles whist at the venue and or ground or parked locally because doing services at the venue this may result in a cost to the client/event organiser. To help IG Stage Hire we kindly request clear, fast, local access to all venues, with ground floor access and or lifts if upstairs, and safe places to park. Failure to provide good access may result in a later completion time of the services. It may even lead to additional charges for additional time to complete a task, or even a cancellation without refund if the access is not acceptable. IG Stage Hire cannot and will not be responsible for any damage to grass, soil, tarmac, concrete, sand, gravel, trees, or other land through their work. They will discuss access with the client/event organiser and under their guidance will access and leave the venue. Should any problems arise with wet ground and or other conditions IG Stage Hire will not be liable for any damage but of course will do their best to maintain the land and look after property to their best ability but this does not affect their liability. The client/event organiser is fully responsible for ensuring any outdoor ‘venue’s requiring stage builds are on flat, stable ground and that the access is clear. For stage structure events and stage floor hires IG Stage Hire will not be able to carry items for long distances of more than 5m from the vehicles so access is vital. In extreme circumstances should the access be further than this please let us know and we can make a judgement and possibly prepare methods to move the items further, e.g. trolleys and wheeled cases. We cannot building staging upstairs in venues unless there are lifts because the cases and equipment cannot be carried upstairs.

IG Stage Hire have their own risk assessment (for all events/bookings) and CE/official documentation (for the mobile trailer stage) which they will follow. IG Stage Hire are responsible for their own services and their own sub-contracted staff. IG Stage Hire is not response for the safety of any performer, other third party and or audience or audience member or their actions. See event organiser’s PLI*. As event organiser and by booking our services through payment you are accepting the terms in this contract and are stating that you have been to our website area ‘Organiser’s Section’ and read it though and have downloaded the Stage Organiser document to complete for each day of the live performances.

We very are passionate about our services and in working with you to provide a wonderful event for everyone in attendance.

Will Hack,

CEO/Managing Director

IG Stage Hire Ltd


By Booking via deposit payment the client is agreeing to our standard terms and conditions set out here in this form.

By booking via deposit payment the client agrees by common law that they have read all of this document and are happy to book the services required from IG Stage hire and will abide with the conditions set out.