Fire Safety

IG Stage Hire follows standard health and safety procedures with regular PAT testing of its equipment.

IG Stage Hire will bring it's own small electrical fire extinguisher for all major events and or involving large stage setups with lighting and or sound. The event organiser may choose to provide a larger fire extinguisher and or make further fire safety arrangments.

IG Stage Hire are not responsible for the fire safety of a venue or event or of any activity by any third party (audience member, organiser, performer, or other). They will however work in co-operation with the event organiser to ensure the setup is safely managed and any concerns are reported to the event organiser who may decide to take action to improve safety and reduce fire risk.

IG Stage Hire's main trailer stage has B1 Flame Resistant curtain sidings and roof covering.

IG Stage Hire will need to be made aware of the fire safety plan for any event and or venue before an event commences.